Hi, I am an independent freelance website builder from the Gold Coast in sunny Queensland with a passion for creating something new and exciting for your business, website or project.

I have worked in the retail industry for years and know what customers want from a physical and a digital store.

I have collaborated with WIX and WordPress* as I believe that they have the best in templates and support to give your website the best advantage out there in the digital world.

I will provide you and your site with all of the tools needed to be found on search engines and help with analytics. I make websites THAT WON'T BREAK THE BUDGET and are achievable for the average small business. I also help businesses update their stale website into something new and vibrant.




I can help maintain your site for a monthly or one-time fee or provide you with the information and training to maintain/update the website yourself. 

I am an all-round creative as not only do I build websites but I am also a screenplay writer as well as a novelist. I prefer to work mainly by myself and I am self-driven to complete projects on time and within budget.

I prefer to work on one client's project at a time so that I can achieve the results that they want in an efficient time frame and provide excellent customer service.


*Depending on the project and if your original site is already hosted, will determine whether either WIX or WordPress will be used.




Pete's Diecast Collection

This website is an extremely large online store that contains multiple pages and physical products for sale. It was a complex project that used a WIX template that was greatly modified. It is performing well on the search engines and the owner has used WIX to host the site and has taken advantage of all the SEQ and analytic tools that WIX has to offer. I maintain this site for the owner for a monthly fee.

Sandra Mayer Author and Screenwriter

This website is for advertising my writing and my projects. It was built using WORDPRESS it has multiple pages and a lot of linked content. It has performed well in its medium. It does not contain a shopping cart as it is for information only with a live contact form. This type of site would be perfect for Contractors, Not-for-Profit, Hairdressers, Masseuse, Personal Trainers, Accountants, Solicitors and other types of businesses that are not selling either digital or physical products.

Screenshot_2019-06-28 Namro.png

Namro Services Pty Ltd

This project was completed in under a week using WIX once information was provided by the firm. This medium-sized project has multiple pages with a reasonable amount of content. I can write the content for your project from an outline that is provided by you or you can write your own content and I can check it for grammar and spelling mistakes and load it onto your new website.

This site used mainly STOCK photos but I can upload any photos or videos that you want to be featured on your site.

Sonic snip.PNG

SONIC Personal Training

This website is for illustration purposes only. It was created using WordPress and it is FOR SALE for $500 + GST.

The details on the website will need to be changed to your business(domain) name/logo/photos and details all you need to do is upload them to me and I will adjust the site to fit you and your business. 

You can visit the website by clicking on the image.

If this site could be used for your purposes there will be a very quick turn-around time once you have a domain name and have chosen your web hosting plan. 

If you are interested in using this format/website please contact me HERE.